WIMR – Where Is My Rover
Global and local positioning of a Mars exploration robot
Funded by ESA under 2nd Polish Industry Incentive Scheme
Project value 200 000 EUR
Completed: September 2016


Rover path calculation (WIMR 1A)

Additional tasks: stereo imagery processing (WIMR 1B)

Lander descent trajectory (WIMR 2A)

Landing position recognition (WIMR 2B)

Horizon recognition (WIMR 3)

2 software applications

Matlab implementations



Specifications of data sources and hardware configurations have been defined as closely complying to the accepted Mars mission development plans.

The most important ones were:

10% relative localization accuracy in total traverse No artificial landmarks MRO HiRise imagery resolution as reference Strict data budget and Ground-based processing Defined camera and sensor specifications


Compilation and systematization of positioning processat different stages.

Exploring of positioning problems.

Compilation of affine transformations for path calculation.

Compilation of projective transformations for descent trajectory calculation.

DEM sectioning for horizon calculation.

Unified parameter set format for seamless adding of new data sources.

Data budgets were analyzed and defined.

Operator’s roles were defined.

TRL 4 was achieved (from initial TRL3)


ABM Space Sp. z o.o.
Leader, review of the state of the art, co-definition of project requirements and testing procedures, design, compilation and implementation of algorithms, field campaign and virtual environment creation for generation of test data sets, testing of algorithms against generated data sets, summary.
Thales Alenia Space Italia
Co-definition of requirements and testing procedures, main field campaign for generation of test data sets.
WASAT Sp. z o.o.
Validation and verification of proposed algorithms before testing on data sets, co-testing of algorithms concepts, reviews.